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Inside the Thai kitchen

Kachorn is a traditional bamboo strainer, and Kratai is a coconut grater. Kratai resemble its shape as a rabbit. Kratai means Rabbit in Thai language. Kachorn and bamboo are still widely use today in modern Thai kitchen despite the fact that we can get coconut milk from a can that widely available in the market.

Katha Thong Leaung or Brass pan is used for traditional Thai dessert cooking. Brass pan is inert and will not react to acid from fruit. It is also provide heat evenly throughout the pan, which is critical for cooking Thai desserts.

Kata and Ta-liew (spatula) are very important tool for Thai cooking. Both are used together and phrase together similar to how we call bread and butter. Tup phee (Ladle) is important for Thai food. It used to get rice or soup from the pot or bowl.

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