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Thai Boat Noodle (Kway-teow-reau)

Thai Boat Noodle is one of the common dishes you can find along the street of Thailand.  Thai Boat noodle vendors used to serve their customers along many canals around Bangkok.  Automobile has changed all of that, and Thai Boat Noodle is now moving in land as well.  This dish can be either pork or beef.  Most Thai people general have this dish with deep fried pork skins.  Personally, Thai boat noodle will never taste the same without deep fried pork skins.  There are also options for type of noodle to choose from including egg noodle (sen-ba-mee), rice vermicelli (sen-lek), and flat rice stick noodle (sen-yai).   Since there are so many vendors that offered this dish, one might asked how to differentiate a good one from so-so one.  The soup is what separate good tasty noodle from average one.  Tasty noodle soup usually makes you dip pork skins into the bowl over and over again even after all the noodle is gone.

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